Client Results

“For anyone who deals with people, this is the single most important training
you could ever have.”

  • “I met with our GMs and based on what I learned … I changed my tactic and things went great!! I have been telling everyone about it!”
  • “This … addresses the greatest challenge [we] face today; establishing and building long-term, strategic customers.”
  • “If I could bottle this information and serve it back to my consulting staff, we would be drunk on successful engagements!”
  • “As a direct result of applying this material, I am able to make far better inroads with the customer.”
  • “As a result, I was able to develop rapport and have COMPLETE BUY-IN of a new concept. I went from hating my business to being a leading innovator of this new technology. Unbelievable!”
  • “You saw through the facade of what we thought was a happy and contented staff to expose some feelings that obviously have been festering for years. Your change in direction for us … was very insightful. Thank you!”
  • “My team is definitely using what they learned in the workshop.”
  • “I am … a certified trainer … and have never had occasion to witness this level of presentation.”
  • “This … is the single most effective tool … provided to us in the last three years.”
  • “This is not a course I will ever forget.”
  • “The experience was life changing, touching relationships with family, friends, at business.”
  • “MICHAEL: You are INCREDIBLE, AWESOME AND TRULY the consummate professional. A FABULOUS job, very, very well done!”
  • “[We] were very impressed with Michael’s understanding of our business and the challenges we face.”
  • “I’m on a con call right now, and our managers are ‘practicing’ the … techniques. Cool. Very cool!”
  • “Tremendous workshop … the fact that [you] tailored the workshop to incorporate our needs … made the workshop extremely effective.”
  • “I could not believe what [a] great impact this training is going to have on my work with customers.”