A Culture of Honor™: Our Results-Driven Business Model

Good things happen in a Culture of Honor™ that just don’t happen in any other environment. Companies operating on these principles generally perform about 35% better than those that don’t.

EXAMPLE: 1 leader + A Culture of Honor™ = 73% of total cash from 17% of total revenues.

One executive inherited operational responsibility for a newly acquired business unit, in terrible economic times, and was charged with making the acquisition profitable. He suffered a 100% turn of labor in six months, due to reductions in force beyond his control, yet he still had to produce the profit targets. With fear and insecurity rampant among employees, and AGAINST ALL CONVENTIONAL WISDOM, he stepped up to implement the framework for a Culture of Honor™.

The bottom line, as a result of his courage and leadership, was that for that fiscal year, he turned in 73% of the corporate cash on only 17% of total revenue. And what did it cost him?

  • Seventy-five cents’ worth of copper tubing
  • Some packets of his personal coffee creamer and sweetener
  • The guts and integrity to hear truth and change his approach to leadership, in the face of impossible odds

Oh, by the way, he did what every leader responsible for profit and performance in tough times would do (tongue in cheek): He closed down his business unit for two days to put his ENTIRE WORKFORCE through a key component of the Culture of Honor™ business model. Risky? Yes. Gutsy? You bet! Worth it? Well, he transformed a workforce from panic, insecurity and fear to willingness to follow him “to hell and back.” The result was that his people found incredibly creative ways to:

  • Drive down costs
  • Improve business processes
  • Increase profits

What is this Culture of Honor™ business model and how does it work?

A Culture of Honor™ is our overarching business model for the HUMAN COMPONENT of business, which achieves both short- and long-term business results. The primary drivers of behavior are integrity, dignity and respect, instead of fear, intimidation and unhealthy internal competition. No fantasy “Kumbaya” here. You still make the tough decisions and do the hard things to face economic realities. You’ll still plan capital budgets, product and services releases, markets, cost of funds and more. However, when it’s time to EXECUTE those plans, you won’t be alone. You’ll have a workforce passionately dedicated to making the necessary actions happen WITH you.

  • A Culture of Honor™ leverages the power of the CONVERGENCE of leadership, alignment, passion and skills.
  • There’s no doubt fear can be a strong motivator. The problem is that results are usually short-lived and come with some pretty ugly side effects.
  • People collaborate and sustain performance better over time in a Culture of Honor™ than in a culture of fear, intimidation and unhealthy internal competition. Once a Culture of Honor™ is in place, people remain engaged and energized and want to stay on the cutting edge.
  • The Culture of Honor™ model is our STANDARD FOR DOING BUSINESS and the driver in all our services and tools. PROFIT is the NATURAL OUTCOME of this approach.

CAUTION: If you have the courage and tenacity to implement a Culture of Honor™, don’t be surprised if your workforce wants to push forward with innovation and solutions as fast as or faster than YOU. Your employees may occasionally perceive you as a potential obstacle and lovingly nudge you to keep up or move out of the way, so they can make the business happen! That’s a great problem to have.

How do we implement this Culture of Honor™ business model?

We help you assess the specific areas that are helping or hindering the business results that a Culture of Honor™ brings. We use your existing data or one of our assessment tools to identify how to maximize results and minimize investment funds. We build on the success you have in place and only suggest addressing those areas that will directly affect business outcomes. Our offerings include the tools to focus on areas we both agree need attention.

To produce true, lasting changes in performance, you will need to authentically answer the following three questions. To start, we use a variety of tools to facilitate a process that helps you discover your true answers and readiness for successful change.

  1. What are the beliefs that are driving the behaviors that are limiting performance?
  2. Are those beliefs still valid given the future you’re trying to create?
  3. If they’re not, are you willing to hear the truth and do whatever it takes to fix the real issues?

Once we have a belief system that is helping instead of hindering, we have won half the battle. The other half is determining what types of knowledge and skills leaders and the workforce need to produce the behaviors that align with where you want to go.

It’s not enough to have only part of the solution. For example, you might have:

  • PASSION contrary to the organization’s PURPOSE (not good)
  • ALIGNMENT on the wrong things (not good)
  • LEADERSHIP with a belief system that hinders performance and creativity (not good)
  • A lack of SKILLS in crucial areas (again, not good)

A Culture of Honor™ is the power of CONVERGENCE between these four things: leadership, alignment, passion and skills.

From the individual entrepreneur to sales and IT project teams, to the executive team in the boardroom, we can help you get where you want to go. Our global experience, combined with unique tools, processes and programs, can help you punch through performance barriers for individuals, teams and entire organizations.

We achieve our Culture of Honor™ business model through these services categories:

  • Leadership Effectiveness
  • Organization Alignment & Transformation
  • High-Performance Teams
  • Customer Expectations, Anger & Loyalty
  • Sales: Strategies, Skills & Tools
  • Influence & Effective Communication
  • Productive Meetings & Presentation Skills
  • The Guy with the Guitar™
  • Keynotes & Speaker Engagements