Customer Expectations, Anger & Loyalty

Loyalty comes from successfully discovering, meeting, managing and APPROPRIATELY exceeding expectations without giving away the store.

WORKSHOP – Understanding and Managing Customer Expectations 

“If I could bottle this information and serve it back to my consulting staff, we would be drunk on successful engagements!” – Manager, Software Services

IT projects, software services engagements and other customer interactions frequently fail because there are misunderstandings or differences of expectations. How do you manage unrealistic, overly demanding, hidden and even dishonest expectations? Good luck depending only on a signed statement of work or other legal documents. This two-day interactive workshop uses your real-world scenarios to DISCOVER, MEET and successfully manage INTERNAL and EXTERNAL customer expectations.


Workshop Objectives

After this workshop you will know how to:

  • Set and reset project scope and expectations while maintaining strong customer relationships
  • Exceed expectations without giving away what you shouldn’t
  • Strengthen customer loyalty and create strong Referral Champions™
  • Apply the science and art of enhanced questioning skills to get high-quality, actionable project information
  • Discover the REAL expectations, including those that are accidentally or even intentionally hidden
  • Apply Master-Level Listening™ skills to create stronger rapport and make customers feel heard
  • Identify and apply three universal components of motivating people to action
  • Apply communication styles to maximize IT project team performance
  • Handle angry, frustrated, unrealistic customers and diffuse negative emotions rapidly
  • Negotiate gaps in expectations, whether internal or customer-facing


WORKSHOP – Dealing with Difficult Customers

“I almost made the other … individuals in the room gasp when the customer turned from ‘white hot’ to appreciation AND agreed to move forward with me driving.” – Customer Relations Manager, Software Services

No problem when everyone is cooperating and getting along, right? But how do you deal with a customer (or boss or project team member) who seems downright difficult? This fun and reality-based one-day workshop gives you the understanding and tools to resolve conflicts and difficult customer scenarios.


Workshop Objectives

After this workshop you will be able to:

  • Identify why people frustrate you so much and what you can do about that
  • Prevent many difficult customer scenarios from happening in the first place
  • Identify the “hot buttons” to avoid with a person
  • Discover what is truly motivating the difficult behavior
  • Apply a proven framework to approach conflicts and difficult customer situations
  • Ask the appropriate final question when all else seems to fail