Influence & Effective Communication

Influence is the ability to positively affect what people think, feel, believe and therefore do. It is the fundamental “currency” of all human relationships and the mechanism for achieving all agendas, personal and professional.

WORKSHOP – Influence with Integrity (IWI): Connecting with Everyone from Kids to Clients

“I saw IMMEDIATE RESULTS. … I attribute much of my success to it. … This is HIGH- ENERGY and FUN!”
– Worldwide Director, High-Tech Industry


This highly engaging, two-day workshop has a 12-year global history of IMMEDIATE RESULTS. It has helped thousands of people internationally, and participants describe “astonishing” improvements in relationships often thought impossible to salvage.

These 20 influencing skills help executives, IT project managers, consultants and individual contributors break down “silos,” improve communication and collaboration and increase performance at the individual, team and organization levels.

You will improve relationships and cooperation in any business role and in your personal, family, social and professional life.


IWI’s Unique Twofold Track Record:

  1. It is HIGH-ENERGY – participants stay fully engaged
  2. Course tools produce IMMEDIATE results

IWI is not about manipulation or control. The skills and tools are based on absolute integrity, honesty and real-world application.


Workshop Objectives

After this workshop you will know how to:

  • Drive better project team performance through greater collaboration and reducing non-productive behaviors
  • Communicate with power and connection – Gain greater influence and cooperation with those crucial to your success
  • Create greater internal and external customer satisfaction
  • Quickly create an atmosphere of trust, bypass hidden agendas and gain access to critical information that is sometimes withheld
  • Apply three universal components that motivate people to action and buy-in
  • Break down organizational “silos” and gain greater cross-boundary collaboration
  • Increase your ability to positively influence stakeholders at all levels and penetrate resistance
  • Apply the art of questioning combined with Master-Level Listening™ to create rapport and discover hidden agendas
  • Apply practical tools to create highly effective team leadership


Workshop – Influence with Integrity (IWI): Advanced 

The purpose is to enhance the practical application of existing tools through hands-on, real-world situations and expand your tool kit with new tools. Participants apply the tools to actual project team or work scenarios.


Workshop Objectives

During this workshop you will:

  • Refresh and achieve greater success with tools from the IWI workshop
  • Expand your Influence Tool Kit with additional tools
  • Discover and reduce self-limiting behaviors that affect project team performance
  • Create a Personal Commitments Action Plan to integrate new tools and skills into business practices


Workshop – The Art of Questioning and Master-Level Listening™

Of all the possible communication skills, the science and art of questioning, coupled with Master-Level Listening™, are perhaps the two most important. If you could have ONLY TWO communication skills, these alone would likely cause you to succeed in about 85% of the situations you face in life.

If you know how to ask the right question, of the right person, in the right format and at the right time – AND you know how to listen with not only your ears but your eyes, your gut and with emotional intelligence, you will be much more successful in the personal and professional situations you face.

This module can be done in depth as a six-hour stand-alone workshop or incorporated at a reduced level into IWI.