Keynotes & Speaker Engagements

Michael is a powerful, highly engaging speaker. He leaves audiences uplifted, energized, filled with hope and chomping at the bit to take IMMEDIATE ACTION. He will deliver a dynamic presentation that is customized to your specific situation and the messages you want to convey. Sample topics include:

Creating a Culture of Honor™, A Profitable, Results-Driven Business Model

Does your entire organization truly share your passion for finding profitable solutions in this tough economy? Is that even possible? Experience Michael’s passion and expertise for seeing lives and teams transformed. It’s positively infectious.

This keynote will bring you hope, energize you and respectfully challenge you to your core in wonderful ways. It’s an invitation to new levels of openness to see and hear truth and to consider some rewarding, yet challenging, personal and organizational changes. What you’ll get in return is an organization with a passion to:

  • Find new revenue
  • Drive down costs and improve business processes
  • Produce bigger profits

There’s no doubt fear can be a strong motivator. The problem is that results are usually short-lived and come with some pretty ugly side effects. Things happen in a Culture of Honor™ that just won’t happen in any other environment. Michael will give you three very important questions. Your answers will tell you if you are ready to accept this wonderful, rewarding challenge.


Leadership: The Myths and the Magic

How did one LEADER plus 75 cents’ worth of copper tubing create a business unit that turned in 73% of corporate cash, while owning only 17% of corporate revenue?This hard-hitting, entertaining presentation addresses some of the myths around what makes effective leaders, while providing tools to create the magic of leadership – the type that inspires people to go beyond their usual limits. Why are people willing to follow some leaders “to hell and back” and unwilling to follow others as far as the bathroom? Learn the two signals that reveal to “followers” the REAL priorities of their leaders, despite what the internal marketing slogans and posters SAY is important.

Discover tools that help create a compelling vision of what could be, and help WIN the HEARTS and MINDS of people to WANT to go there with you.

Why People Frustrate You so Much & How to Change that Now!

Laugh and learn through this high-energy, humorous look at a very serious issue. When there is frustration between you and someone who can help or hurt your life, career or business, your ability to gain cooperation and collaboration goes down. At the same time, the stress on both sides goes up. First laugh at some of the crazy things we all do and then learn how to quickly turn this around in many situations, both personal and professional. This is a presentation you will not soon forget.


Influence with Integrity: Connecting with Crucial Stakeholders

How do you create positive influence with uncompromising integrity, yet without manipulation?

This powerful, reality-based presentation answers this and other major questions about human interaction, focusing specifically on gaining access to – and favor with – key stakeholders in your world. For example, you will learn how to read:

  • The stakeholders’ core, driving needs – if met, you can create openness and receptivity
  • What truly motivates different people to take action?
  • What are good and bad “hot buttons” you want to push or avoid with key people?
  • How do particular stakeholders deal with information?
    1. How much information do they want?
    2. What format do they want it in?
    3. When do they want it, relative to a major change or decision?
    4. How will they use that information to make a major decision?

Learn tools that answer these questions, often within 30 to 60 seconds of meeting someone.


Teams that Move Mountains

Forget the fluff and smile training around team performance. Teams that consistently outperform the norm share specific, identifiable and controllable characteristics. Creating these characteristics takes great courage and is not for the faint-hearted. However, once in place, this type of teamwork can take on the “impossible” and make it happen regularly. Be energized while you learn these characteristics and how to implement them.


Leadership, Boss-Ship, Jump-Ship, Sink-Ship

Organizations don’t need more BOSSES; they need more LEADERS. Managers influence because they HAVE authority. Leaders influence without NEEDING authority. Amazing things are possible when you combine both authority and positive Influence with Integrity.

Enjoy this humorous and energizing look at two predictable paths an organization can take. When you have simply BOSSES, you lose people, and whom do you lose? The ones you really NEED to keep. And who stays? The ones you prefer would leave. Talented, gifted people have choices in the marketplace, ESPECIALLY in TOUGH economies. How do you create the type of “ship” that attracts, develops and retains the right kind of people? Get ready for answers that will have you laughing and challenging yourself to become the type of LEADER your people are longing for you to be.


Stop Selling and Start Closing More Deals

During tough times, SOMEBODY is going to capture the market in every area of sales. The only question is whether it will be YOU or SOMEONE ELSE. Typical sales approaches just aren’t enough to thrive in today’s economy. Customers have less discretionary money, higher levels of skepticism, greater fear of making the wrong buying decisions and ZERO TOLERANCE for shady, pushy salespeople.

This stimulating presentation may challenge some of your most dearly held beliefs about how to sell. However, come with an open mind and discover the simplicity of three components for today’s selling. These components can help you stop and think, re-evaluate, keep what is good and add what is missing in order to close more deals and create customers who become passionate Referral Champions™.


Change: Surviving or Thriving

We’ve all heard, “The only constant is change.” When change hits (which is every day), does your team hang on for dear life to make it through? Or do they thrive on the chance to capitalize on the opportunities that abound during change and upheaval? Discover practical components of change and tools for thriving, instead of merely surviving or even failing.


Creating and Sustaining a High-Performance Culture

What truly creates the culture of an organization? How do you identify your current culture and the culture you desire to create? What must you put in place to sustain that culture over time and especially during big challenges? Discover barriers to organizational unity and alignment, and solutions that work. Understand the Cycle of Performance™ and how to use this model to create the performance culture you need. THINKING AND LEADING OUTSIDE THE BOX

Yesterday’s ways of thinking and leading are not sufficient to handle the ever-changing demands we face. Identify your limiting “boxes” and discover practical tools to get you and your team thinking and working “outside the box.” Create an organization that is moving forward faster, stronger and more aligned than ever before, no matter what challenges you face. WINNING IN TODAY’S ECONOMY

When times get tough, winners and losers emerge. While some things are truly beyond our control and blame is not the issue, taking decisive, innovative action is required. Customers have smaller pools of funds and fear is rampant. However, SOMEONE is going to win those precious remaining dollars ¬– the only question is, WHO? Positioning yourself and your team to weather storms and even gain ground should be the focus. What can you do to make sure you are in the best position to capture and keep business NOW and in the future?


Managing Unrealistic Customer Expectations

No problem here when everything is reasonable. How do you manage unrealistic, overly demanding, hidden and even dishonest expectations? You must first successfully DISCOVER, CLARIFY and ALIGN these expectations to the business realities of both your organization and your customers. Good luck depending only on a signed statement of work or other legal documents. You need ONGOING HUMAN INTERACTION and STRONG RELATIONSHIP SKILLS to handle things these days. How do you do that and manage ever-changing expectations in today’s dynamic landscape? Is it a sound business strategy to constantly go above and beyond? How do you successfully negotiate and resolve customer disputes involving irrational customer behavior? Learn specific tools to address these issues and more.


Building Your Personal Brand

In this challenging economy, simply doing great work may not be enough. You must be RECOGNIZED for that work. That means you need to build and market your personal brand within your organization and perhaps externally as well. This practical presentation will help you answer some challenging questions, such as:

  • Who are you?
  • Why should I pay attention to you?
  • What have you done that I would care about?

It all comes down to gaining INFLUENCE with those around you. You will learn the key concepts to marketing yourself as a brand and discover a simple, practical Personal Branding Framework.