Leadership Effectiveness

“Why do people follow some leaders “to hell and back,” yet won’t follow others as far as the bathroom?” – Michael Clifton

We deliver custom leadership solutions for today’s leadership needs, in three primary areas:

1. Individual Leadership Effectiveness

- What are the skills necessary to be a leader in today’s economy that people will passionately follow? How do you currently stack up? What are your strengths, and what are your personal self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviors that are hindering you from being the leader you truly want to be?

2. Leadership Teams

- How well do leadership teams at ALL levels of the organization function together? People pay attention to what leadership teams DO more than what they SAY. How aligned and well-oiled are your leadership teams, starting at the executive level and running throughout the organization?

3. Architects and Stewards of Organizational Culture and Performance

- Organizational culture directly drives performance and profits. Culture is not created by the frontline workforce or internal marketing campaigns. – Culture is the DIRECT result of repeated behaviors of LEADERS over time. Are you, as a team, sending the messages you INTEND to send – or does the organization get mixed messages that drain precious creativity and energy away from producing real work in the real world?


WORKSHOP – Leadership Through Influence

“Managers influence because they HAVE authority.” – Peter Drucker
“Leaders influence WITHOUT NEEDING authority.” – Donald Kosheka

BOSSES are valuable yet common. LEADERS who INFLUENCE with INTEGRITY are rare and achieve far superior RESULTS.

This hard-hitting, reality-based workshop sharpens the interpersonal and influencing skills leaders need to create a passionate, creative, ENGAGED workforce. Available in two- and three-day customized formats, depending on your team’s needs. Both KNOWLEDGE and SKILLS are required. Common areas addressed include:

  • Why people follow some leaders “to hell and back,” yet won’t follow others as far as the bathroom
  • Three UNIVERSAL components that MOTIVATE people to ACTION
  • The power of Master-Level Listening™ on behavior and performance
  • The INTERNAL Cycle of Influence™ that drives every person’s behavior
  • Your own self-sabotaging behaviors that hinder you as a leader and how to fix those
  • How to create positive influence that causes people to WANT to follow you
  • How to give feedback that actually improves performance
  • How to get people to tell you the truth you need to hear, especially if they think you don’t want to hear it
  • Your leadership and communication style, including your strengths and risk factors
  • Two signals you are sending that tell your people what you REALLY value (and they’re not your mission statement, marketing slogans or all-hands presentations).


FACILITATED PROCESS – Leadership Alignment Process

“You saw through the facade of what we thought was a happy and contented staff to expose some feelings that obviously have been festering for years. Your change in direction for us … was very insightful. Thank you!” – University Director

Our unique BREAKTHROUGH process won’t let you stop at just creating flowery words that don’t actually drive a decision in the boardroom, affect a conversation in the hallway or shift interactions with customers.

Leaders must start with themselves to break down “silos” and other barriers to unity and alignment. This may include breaking the facade of many mission, vision and values statements that organizations create.


Process Objectives

During this process you will:

  • Break through visible or hidden barriers your team has not been able to resolve
  • Know how to truly CONNECT INDIVIDUAL and TEAM PASSIONS to the organization’s PURPOSE
  • Know why many mission, vision and values statements are at best meaningless and often destructive, to alignment
  • Go beyond fluffy mission, vision and values activities to actual ALIGNMENT – the type found in our Culture of Honor
  • Experience how true alignment has the power to transform a team or an entire organization and generate motivation, creativity, passion and sustainability that are positively infectious
  • Define your path to creating a Culture of Honor™ throughout your organization.

You can expect true ALIGNMENT and COMMITMENT around:

  • Defining and committing to the type of team you really want to be – if this team was one that energized you to want to come to work in the morning, what would that team look and feel like?
  • How you will operate, including REAL team guidelines and rules of engagement
  • How you will handle conflicts and disagreements
  • How you will respectfully, yet firmly, hold one another accountable for behaviors and results
  • How you get the same level of commitment from the entire organization

This is totally different from the “widgets” you produce as an organization. This is about creating the type of leadership team that can CONNECT individual and team PASSION to the organization’s PURPOSE, which leads to a high-performance Culture of Honor™.


COACHING – Executive and Leadership Coaching

“Leadership is about creating a compelling picture of what ‘could be,’ and WINNING the HEARTS and MINDS
of others to WANT to go there with you.”
– Michael Clifton

Michael Clifton Associates LLC provides respectful, powerful and results-oriented coaching to help executives and leaders at all organization levels reach the expertise required of today’s leaders.

We use proven assessment tools to identify your strengths and areas for improvement. We combine these assessments with the results of our confidential interviews with you and our years of experience, to create a personalized coaching path for you to achieve your desired outcomes.