Organization Alignment & Transformation

There is a HUGE difference between INTEREST and COMMITMENT. You can’t afford an “interested” workforce or a half-baked merger. The responsibility for that is squarely on the shoulders of LEADERS.

FACILITATED PROCESS – Facilitating and Leading Transformation

“You may be my boss – but you might never be my leader.” – Michael Clifton

Build on the success of our Leadership Alignment Process to drive the same level of alignment, passion and commitment through the entire organization. This breakthrough transformation process helps leaders transform project teams, business units or an entire organization. This process goes beyond just leadership skills, as important as they are. This is an experiential process facilitated by our master facilitators that creates a safe environment to surface and punch through barriers previously thought IMPOSSIBLE to overcome.


Process Objectives

During this process you will:

  • Experience how to create alignment, especially between teams and business units with opposing metrics and goals
  • Assess your current culture and what you need to keep or change to succeed
  • Define your path to creating a Culture of Honor™ throughout your organization
  • Understand exactly why teams resist change and how to overcome “turf wars”
  • Discover and apply the critical success factors of all high-performing teams
  • Define clear rules of engagement that will frame and guide successful team behaviors
  • Identify and create the type of teams each member is completely committed to building
  • Clarify how the team will deal with disagreements and conflicts
  • Experience a positive way to punch through barriers between individuals and teams that may have existed for years


FACILITATED PROCESS – Integrating Merged Teams and Business Units

Whether it’s merging IT project teams from different areas or an entire business unit from a merger or acquisition, it DOESN’T SUCCEED BY CHANCE! Our integration process is positive, realistic and highly effective. We equip you to handle the issues you face integrating the HUMAN COMPONENT, to accelerate the process and rapidly achieve high-performance status.

Some challenging, often overlooked areas we address:

  • The cultures, norms and values of the groups that are merging - skip this one and it’s headaches upon headaches, forever
  • The qualities needed in leaders who are implementing the merger/integration - BEING SMART ISN’T ENOUGH
  • The messages you send to those who are let go and the impact on those who remain – how to keep morale as high as possible while being authentic about the pain involved
  • The picture of a successful integration – what does better look like, and how will you know you’ve succeeded?
  • The needed skill sets, the current levels and how to get everyone up to speed rapidly
  • The process of grieving the loss of the “old” and how to accelerate adopting the “new”