Productive Meetings & Presentation Skills

Want to cut your meeting time by up to 60% and produce more results at the same time? This hands-on, high-energy workshop can help you do just that.

WORKSHOP – Facilitating Productive Meetings

How many of the meetings you attend are actually WORTH the TIME and COST of having them? People often don’t know WHY they are there or WHAT they are supposed to accomplish. The outcome? Lots of TALK, NO FOCUS and NO RESULTS. FPM has proven it can fix that.

Available in formats of four, eight and 16 hours to achieve the depth you want. Highly effective when integrated with Influence with Integrity: Connecting with Everyone from Kids to Clients.


Workshop Objectives

In this interactive workshop you will learn:

  • How to know if you should have a meeting in the first place
  • How to avoid the “meeting after the meeting”
  • The two questions you need answered before you ever start a meeting
  • Facilitation skills that get you where you want to go
  • How to surface differing opinions without causing a war
  • How to handle ramblers, dominators, snipers, saboteurs and “yes” people
  • What to prepare or not prepare for different types of meetings
  • Which tools to use before, during and after the meeting
  • How to manage time efficiently and effectively
  • Decision-making tools and models for different types of outcomes
  • Practical tools for expanding and contracting the desired amount of information and input
  • How to get accountability and follow-through


WORKSHOP – Professional Presentation Skills: Moving Audiences to Action

“This was a life-changing training.” – Sr. Engineer, Software Industry

Forget about all the rules for giving presentations, and discover how to get your point across with impact and influence. Receive master presenter coaching and tips to make you the best you can possibly be.

This professional-level workshop shows you exactly how to get your message across with high impact, clarity and positive influence. Learn what really works and what doesn’t. Participants practice real presentations and receive individual, expert coaching to produce high-impact results.

Confidential videotaping provides a baseline to measure from. Subsequent videotaping shows the dramatic improvement for each participant and records confidential, individual feedback to act upon going forward.


Workshop Objectives

After this workshop you will know how to:

  • Give presentations that motivate audiences to action
  • Deal with stage fright
  • Apply tips and tricks professionals use to make it look easy
  • Appropriately break the rules of presenting to create greater impact and influence
  • Connect with audiences of one to 1,000 or more
  • Handle disruptive behavior
  • Effectively use your body, voice and the room
  • Use multiple media to create greater interest