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WORKSHOP – Influencing Decision-Makers 

“I have studied many of the established ‘masters’ of influence. …  I was amazed that Michael …  had such an effective, simple process … with an extremely high success rate. … I attribute my promotions and awards …  to these skills.” – Sales, Software Industry

“I estimate I will make $50K more [next year by using just one of 20 course tools].” – Real Estate Agent


These skills have been received and acclaimed by participants throughout the U.S. and many other countries. They have helped salespeople, consultants and others gain access to higher-level decision-makers, increase revenues and account penetration and turn customers into passionate, loyal Referral Champions™.

This high-energy, intensive workshop applies a menu of 20 practical tools to your real-world scenarios. You will increase your ability to read and positively influence decision-makers and stakeholders and handle difficult behaviors at any phase of the sales cycle.

You will have the powerful option of videotaping your practice scenarios and receiving frame-by-frame coaching from a master influence coach. This process consistently helps participants discover solutions to self-limiting behaviors they didn’t even know they were doing.

Available in two- and three-day formats, based on whether participants have taken Influence with Integrity and with or without videotaping option.


Workshop Objectives

After this workshop you will know how to:

  • Gain access to higher-level decision-makers and new revenue opportunities
  • Identify the real decision-makers, the influencers and the “opposition” in your first encounter
  • Answer these four critical communication questions about decision-makers, on the fly:
    1. How much information do they want?
    2. What format do they want it in?
    3. When do they want it, relative to a major buying decision?
    4. How will they use that information to make buying decisions?
  • Read real-time clues in 30 to 60 seconds to reveal how people make buying decisions
  • Open a conversation in a way that respectfully puts you in charge and enables a decision-maker to trust you implicitly and tell you everything you need to know, often in 30 minutes or less
  • Understand your communication/selling style and learn how to read your buyer’s style
  • Stop SELLING – and do these three things instead, to start closing more deals
  • Create strong Referral Champions™
  • Identify decision-makers’ communication and buying styles
  • Handle objections with style and turn clients into problem solvers