The Guy with the Guitar™

What could a “live” visit from Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton, The Eagles, Carlos Santana or Yes do for your next special event, workshop or IT team-building activity?

guyAs one keynote attendee said the following day, Because of your style and the music, this is the first time in 20 years I woke up actually thinking about how I would talk to someone!”

Music causes an emotional connection with the content you want delivered, and Michael is a master at making that connection. Many challenging messages can be delivered more easily and with higher impact using The Guy with the Guitar™.

Michael can bring this powerful dimension to workshops, events and all your speaking engagement venues.

Managed by the same agency as Cheap Trick, Michael toured as a lead guitarist, opening shows for groups such as REO Speedwagon, The Guess Who, Ted Nugent, Chaka Khan, Brownsville Station, Bloodrock and Bill Haley & The Comets. Michael’s uniquely crafted guitar performances during speaking engagements, presentations and workshops will have your group roaring with laughter, uplifted emotionally and ready to apply that energy to immediate business actions.